Thursday, 29 March 2012

Quadratic - completing the square

Completing the square is a technique to solve Quadratic Equation.
Key questions to ask when using this technique are:
  • What is Completing the Square technique?
  • Why do we use Completing the Square?
  • When is it used?
  • How is the Completing the Square technique applied?
The following resources will be used to aid your understanding of the topic on Completing the Square.

Resource 1
Media and Video

Video 1

Video 2: Fundamental

video 3: summary and song

Resource 2

ACE Learning
The link is shown as follows:

Resource 3
Worksheet 3 for notes, worked examples and practice questions.

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  1. Why do we use completing the square? (purpose?)
    It not only shows you the vertex, but makes it easer to solve.

    There are also times when the form ax^2 + bx + c may be a part of a larger problem and rearranging it as a(x+d)^@+e makes the solution easier, because x only appears once.

    For example "x" may itself be a function (like cos(z)) and rearranging it may open up a path to a better solution.

    Also Completing the Square is the first step in the Derivation of the Quadratic Formula