Sunday, 18 March 2012

E-Learning 2012

Hi all,

First and foremost, I thank you all for being wonderful students. When I was away I came to realise how challenging it must have been to be a student in Singapore and my conference with my colleagues (educators and technologists from all over the world) testi
fy that you are certainly capable of achieving great things (results, character et all). They marvel at your works and would like to have the opportunity to meet you eventually.

As we kick start to e-learning week, be clear of the objectives (refer to e-learning portal) and what it hopes to achieve. Below is just brief info to guide you.

Clear rules: simple, relevant, easy to understand (from content to examples) and engaging (teacher teaching, use of ICT or Maths blog - choice is yours)

The worksheet style must be similar to the one I used in class. Content must contain the introduction, information, examples and some questions (with your own solutions)

for sample worksheet: Please refer to googlesite

Grouping and Task
The style of working is up to the respective team.
You may work independently and then consolidate or meet and discuss or work on-line at the designated time.
Remember that learning should take place anywhere and anytime. The key is to work smart. Note that failure to plan is planning for failure.

Source: e-learning site


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