Friday, 21 September 2012

Assignment of Questions (Performance Task 3)

The following is the assignment of questions for the performance task (Probability).

Pravin, Ragul: Question 1
Princeton, Saishwar, Jun Wei: Question 2
Sean, Nicholas, Cameron: Question 3
Guo Jun, Hung Kye, Ming Yang: Question 4
Hamidshah, Nathaniel, Isaac: Question 5
Yong Hong, Darren, Dominic: Question 6
Dylaine, Jamie, Jean Yee: Question 7
Alvin, Zhi An, Marcellus: Question 8

Please inform me if you are reshuffling your group.

UPDATE: The deadline and time is not negotiable. Please submit your PT via any of the following options (1) Submit folder (2) email (3) link on blog

If you email it to me, you should expect a reply from me. If there is no reply, it means that I have not received it.

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